v2.23.1 - CB 1.15.2 - Jun 24, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 1 download
* FIX: 1.12 and below: Some recipes are giving NoClassDefFoundError
* FIX: 1.13+ Fixed recipe/override matching with recipes including air
* FIX: Allow `@Hide` to work in ingredients
v2.23.0 - CB 1.15.2 - Jun 22, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 2 downloads
* FIX/NEW: 1.13+ Re-added durability support in recipes.
    * Please check your recipes and modify them if necessary, mainly COMBINE recipes that rely on the amount shorthand
* NEW: 1.13+ Recipe formats that allow for patterns and ingredient flags (See "basic recipes.html")
    * Both formats are valid, so you should not need to change anything to a pattern format
    * Ingredients in the new formats can now have some flags set on them, such as `@name`, `@lore`, etc.
    * NOTE: `@ingredientcondition` will not work on ingredients that have flags, only use flags if you want an exact ingredient
    * Knowledge Book improvements to show ingredients and results with prepared flags
    * Furnace type recipes can have multiple ingredients with differing flags that all work for the same recipe (See "basic recipes.html")
* NEW: Recipes that do not require RecipeManager modification no longer are processed through RecipeManager events
* NEW: 1.13+ Knowledge Book groups can be defined for recipes
* NEW: 1.13+ Xp can be set for Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, and Campfire recipes
* FIX: `@ItemNBT`: FlagType was using `@ItemName`
* FIX: `@IngredientCondition`: Multiple declarations will not override previous ones
* FIX: Anvil, Grindstone, Cartography recipes didn't prevent recipe from crafting in some cases
* FIX: Fixed extended potions not matching correctly causing a NullPointerException
* FIX: Buckets/Bottles being returned in crafting tables (from milk buckets, water buckets, lava buckets, honey bottles, and dragon breath)
* FIX: `@KeepItem` now supports stackable items, such as dirt, grass_block, etc. and gives items to the inventory if the stack doesn't match
* FIX: HTML Docs: Fixed composter levels description
* FIX: HTML Docs: Sort tags in name index
v2.22.3 - CB 1.15.2 - Jun 08, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 3 downloads
* FIX: 1.13+ Recipe Book air display for craft recipes
* FIX: 1.13+ Removal of furnace/blast furnace/smoker recipes with tags
* FIX: 1.8-1.11 Removal of furnace recipes
* FIX: 1.8 Fixed error about failing to register events for Anvil Recipes (which aren't supported on 1.8)
* FIX: 1.8-1.13 Fixed disable error for RMCampfires
* FIX: /rmdebug versioning issues and add RM and Bukkit versions
v2.22.2 - CB 1.15.2 - May 12, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 7 downloads
* FIX/NEW: HTML Docs: Fixed some item names and added visual inventories
* FIX: HTML Docs: `@ForDelay` and `@ForRepeat` examples were switched
* FIX: IllegalArgumentException when an ingredient has no choices, such as from a missing tag
* NEW: /rmdebug command for checking permissions and block data
v2.22.1 - CB 1.15.2 - Apr 01, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 5 downloads
* FIX: `@Biome` example references causing NoSuchFieldError before 1.13
* FIX: NoSuchMethodError for getStorageContents() in 1.8
v2.22.0 - CB 1.15.2 - Mar 31, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* FIX: `@PotionItem`, `@PotionEffect`, `@SuspiciousStewItem`: Fixed potion and potion effect parsing
* FIX: `@MonsterSpawner`: Removed "Set min delay" message on parse
* FIX: HTML Docs: Made the nav consistent across static and generated files
* FIX: HTML Docs: Added links in 'recipe flags.html' for 'name index.html' for quicker referencing
* NEW: `@ApplyEnchantment`: Add 'anvil' action to increase levels by one if they match or take the max of the two
* NEW: `@ApplyEnchantment`: Add 'maxlevel' argument to restrict the enchantment levels
* NEW: `@CloneIngredient`: Add 'allowedtypes' argument to clone from ingredients other than the result type
* NEW FLAG: `@ForDelay`, alias 'delay': Run other flags after a delay
    * Format: `@ForDelay` <delay> @<flag declaration>
* NEW FLAG: `@ForRepeat`, alias 'repeat': Run other flags multiple times with an optional delay between them
    * Format: `@ForRepeat` <times to repeat> <delay per repeat> @<flag declaration>
* REMOVE: `@Cooldown`: Removed 'delay' alias in favor of `@ForDelay`
* REMOVE: `@SpawnParticle`: Removed 'delay' and 'repeat' arguments in favor of `@ForDelay` and `@ForRepeat`

KNOWN BUG for 1.12 or older that causes it to break on startup. Next release will fix it.
v2.21.0 - CB 1.15.2 - Mar 04, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 2 downloads
* FIX/NEW: `@PotionEffect` flag updates:
    * Replaced 'morefx' with 'ambient'
    * Added options for particles and icon. Changed defaults to true
    * Removed chance. Use `@ForChance` flag to do the same thing
    * Changed default duration to 1.0
* FIX/NEW: `@PotionItem` flag updates:
    * Effect Type must now come first for custom effects
    * Replaced 'amplify' with 'amplifier'
    * Added options for particles and icon. Changed defaults to true
* FIX/NEW: `@Summon` updates:
    * Add Bee to 'adult', 'baby', 'agelock', and 'nobreed' options
    * Add 'parrot' option for setting a parrot's variant
    * Add 'pandamaingene' and 'pandahiddengene' option for setting a panda's genes
    * Add 'fox', 'foxcrouching', 'foxfirsttrustedplayer', 'foxsecondtrustedplayer', and 'foxsleeping' options
* FIX/NEW: `@MonsterSpawner` Add 'delay', 'mindelay', 'maxdelay', 'maxnearbyentities', 'playerrange', 'spawnrange', and 'spawncount' options
* NEW: `@IngredientCondition`, `@HoldItem`: Add potioneffect's particles and icon checks
* NEW: `@IngredientCondition, `@HoldItem`: Add suspiciousstew potioneffect options
* FIX: `@IngredientCondition`, `@HoldItem`: Fix potioneffect functionality
* FIX: `@HoldItem`: Add missing potion, potioneffect, and banner documentation
* FIX: `@CloneIngredient`: Add support for Anvils, Cartography Tables, and Grindstones
* FIX: `@CloneIngredient`: Using allmeta with a data attribute will respect data adjustments
* NEW FLAG: `@SuspiciousStewItem`: Adds potion effects to a suspicious stew
v2.20.0 - CB 1.15.2 - Feb 20, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* NEW: Grindstone and Cartography Table recipe support
    * See 'basic recipes.html' for format
    * Backup and update your 'config.yml' for special recipe configurations similar to anvils
* FIX: `@ingredientcondition` and `@getrecipebook` now shows recipe file and line number for registration errors/warnings
* FIX: NoSuchElementException after using /rmreload when clear-recipes set to true
* FIX: When an `@remove` recipe cannot be found, the recipe is no longer added
* FIX: 1.15 `@remove` functionality
v2.19.0 - CB 1.15.2 - Feb 13, 2020
RecipeManager.jar - 3 downloads
* FIX: color-console config changes didn't take effect early enough for setting reloads
* FIX: settings no longer call init twice on first load
* FIX: update boat and scaffolding smelt times for 1.15
* FIX: @KeepItem functionality
* FIX: @ApplyEnchantment: Add support for anvil and brew recipes
* FIX: Config for special-recipes.anvil
    * Materials and enchantment lists were not clearing on /rmreload
    * "repair-material.enabled: false" material list was broken
    * enchant functionality wasn't working correctly
* NEW: 1.15 support
v2.18.1 - CB 1.14.4 - Dec 10, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 7 downloads
* FIX: Missing messages fail more gracefully
* FIX: Error on /rmreload for missing/removed recipes
* FIX: Basic anvil support for 1.9 and 1.10
* FIX: Vault Permission and Economy hooks may not have been detected correctly
* NEW: Add Block/Item to Materials in 'name index.html' for 1.12+
v2.18.0 - CB 1.14.4 - Sep 10, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 5 downloads
* NEW: Add vanilla fuel and compost recipes to /rmextract
* NEW: Compost recipes with full flag, multi-result, and hopper support
    * Format: <ingredient> % [chance per level] % [levels], where [chance per level] is >0 and <=100 and [levels] >0 and <=7
    * Both [chance per level] and [levels] can support decimal inputs (meaning you can do fractional levels)
    * While the composter is being used for a recipe, it will be locked to that recipe (or the same result from another recipe), so no conflicting recipes can be made
    * Vanilla compost recipes can be overridden/removed
* NEW: Anvil recipes with full flag and multi-result support
    * Format: <material[, ...]> +  % [experience levels] % [allowrename or true] % [anvil damage chance]
* NEW: Added special recipes for disabling vanilla anvil behavior
    * anvil.combine-item: ability to combine items of the same type to repair or improve enchantments
    * anvil.enchant: ability to enchant items with books
    * ability to repair using a material ingredient
    * anvil.renaming: ability to rename items in an anvil
    * enabled option: enable/disable the functionality
    * material option: materials to allow/disallow. Ex: iron_sword, wooden_sword. Supports a:<aliasname> and tag:<tagname>
    * enchant option (anvil.enchant only): enchantments to allow/disallow. Ex: sweeping_edge, durability:1, damage_all:1-3
v2.17.2 - CB 1.14.4 - Sep 04, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 7 downloads
* FIX: `@IngredientCondition`, `@HoldItem`, `@CloneIngredient` enchant and bookenchant conditions
* FIX: Bug with multi-result recipes (without set percentages) not actually adding up to their specified amounts
v2.17.1 - CB 1.14.4 - Aug 27, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* FIX: Custom smelting times in 1.12 and older
* FIX: Smelting recipes with custom fuel wasn't checking the last fuel correctly
* FIX: `@SkullOwner` and `@NBT` will be called first to avoid overwriting meta. These flags no longer need to be the first flag
* FIX: `@NoResult` shift clicking was still giving results
* FIX: `@PotionItem`: base potion effect wasn't being set correctly. Conditions no longer care about order
* FIX/NEW: `@PotionItem`: added base potion color support. Format: "color <r> <g> <b>"
* FIX: `@IngredientCondition, @HoldItem, @CloneIngredient`: Fixed setting rgb and rgb range in color condition
* FIX: /rmfinditem throwing errors due to old material ids
* FIX/NEW: Add tab complete to /rmfinditem, /rmextract, /rmgetbook, /rmrecipes
v2.17.0 - CB 1.14.4 - Aug 21, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* FIX: Sorted 'recipe flags.html'
* FIX: `@SkullOwner`: No longer needs data 3 in 1.13 and 1.14
* NEW: `@SkullOwner`: Added aliases 'skull' and 'head'
* NEW: `@SkullOwner`: Added texture <base64> option
* NEW: `@ItemNBT` <nbtRaw>: Sets raw nbt data on the result.
    * See 'recipe flags.html' before using
* NEW: Add tag support to ingredients in recipes (Use 'tag:' or 't:' before the tag name
    * Tags are vanilla or datapack collections of materials (Tag names can be found in 'name index.html')
    * Example: t:oak_logs (or t:minecraft:oak_logs) would be equivalent to "OAK_WOOD, STRIPPED_OAK_WOOD, STRIPPED_OAK_LOG, OAK_LOG"
* NEW: Added 'choice aliases.yml' to create custom ingredient choice lists similar to tags
    * Instead of t: or tag:, use a: or alias: for these
    * Choice aliases can chain tags or previously defined aliases
* FIX/NEW: 'name index.html': Added Tags, alphabetize lists, and improved formatting
* FIX/NEW: Improved special recipe support. Added banner-duplicate, firework-star-fade, and suspicious-stew to config.yml
v2.16.1 - CB 1.14.4 - Aug 13, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* FIX: nometa condition check on pre 1.14 servers (error with customModelData)
* FIX: nometa condition check on pre 1.12 servers (error with localizedname)
* FIX: noname and nolocalizedname condition checks
* FIX: update 'item aliases.yml' to include names for id conversions to prevent id being used in messages
* FIX: `@CustomModelData` wasn't being loaded correctly
* FIX: `@IndividualResults` wasn't setting names/lores correctly and now supports shift click crafting
* FIX: Multi-result recipes flag support and now supports shift click crafting
    * This should be the last of recipes being disabled from shift clicking
* FIX: Improved shift click crafting overall. If the inventory doesn't have room, results will be dropped on the ground
* FIX: Move recipe error messages from player messages to the item lore and add clearer messages
* FIX: `@Override`, `@Remove`, `@Restrict`: Fixed shaped recipe matching for 1.12 and below
* FIX: `@Secret`: Fixed secret result not showing when set on recipe or all results. Added singular message variant
* NEW: `@ItemName`, `@ItemLore`, `@Command`, `@Message`, `@Broadcast`: Added ability to reuse random numbers
    * {rand n} reuse a random output, where n is the nth {rand} used excluding this format
* Misc. cleanup and bugfixes
v2.16.0 - CB 1.14.4 - Aug 06, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 3 downloads
* FIX: data/durability not being set in 1.13/1.14 shaped/shapeless recipes
* FIX: `@ItemName`, `@ItemLore`, `@Command`, `@Message`, `@Broadcast`: Fixed multiple {x}, {y}, or {z} variables from crashing the server
* FIX/NEW: `@IngredientCondition`, `@HoldItem`, `@CloneIngredient`: Double pipes '||' can be used in arguments and will be replaced by a single '|' to better support regex
* FIX: Campfire and stonecutting index weren't being removed correctly
    * Example: "`@ingredientcondition` iron_nugget | lore regex:one||two" will now correctly match one or two
* NEW: `@ItemName`, `@ItemLore`, `@Command`, `@Message`, `@Broadcast`: Added ability to output random numbers.
    * {rand #1-#2} Outputs a random integer between #1 and #2. Example: {rand 5-10} will output an integer from 5-10",
    * {rand #1-#2, #3} Outputs a random number between #1 and #2, with decimal places of #3. Example: {rand 1.5-2.5, 2} will output a number from 1.50 to 2.50
* NEW FLAG: `@RepairCost` - Sets the default item repair cost
* NEW FLAG: `@LocalizedName` - Works the same as `@ItemName`, but sets the localized name instead
* NEW FLAG: `@CustomModelData` - Sets the custom model data that can be used in conjuction with data packs for custom textures
* NEW: `@IngredientCondition`, `@HoldItem` - Add conditions for localizedname and custommodeldata
* NEW: `@ItemName`, `@ItemLore` - Added 'display' and 'result' parameters to show in only one location. Defaults to showing in both with no parameter
* NEW: `@ItemName`, `@ItemLore` - Can now be added in the recipe section as well as results
    * In `@ItemName`, this acts as a default and any result `@ItemName`s will override, unless only setting one of the 'display' or 'result' parameters
    * In `@ItemLore`, this will add lore lines to the beginning of all results
v2.15.0 - CB 1.14.4 - Jul 31, 2019
RecipeManager.jar - 6 downloads
* 1.13 & 1.14 Update
* Recipes now support MaterialChoice ingredients
    * Example: dirt,grass + dirt,grass would allow for dirt or grass to be used in either slot
    * Try rmextract to see examples of existing recipes or see 'basic recipes.html' for updated descriptions
* New "campfire" recipes
    * Single ingredient and result
* New "blasting" and "smoking" recipes
    * Work exactly the same as furnaces/smelt recipes
* New "stonecutting" recipes
    * Can create many recipes with the same ingredient, as long as there are different results
    * No Flag support yet
* `@NoResult`: Shift clicking will no longer give results
* Removed need for "Recipe is special, shift-clicking will only craft it once" restriction
* New Flag: `@ItemAttribute`
    * Add attributes such as max_health and armor to your results
v2.14.1 - CB 1.12.2 - Jan 29, 2018
RecipeManager.jar - 16 downloads
`@IngredientCondition`: Fixed issue when unbreakable was not set
v2.14.0 - CB 1.12.2 - Jan 20, 2018
RecipeManager.jar - 4 downloads
* Fixed furnace smelt times not updating
* Added support for relative coordinates in x,y,z variables {x-1},{y+7},{z+12}
* `@Inventory`: Added multiple title
* `@IngredientCondition` and `@HoldItem`: Added unbreakable option
* `@SkullOwner`: Added uuid support (only checks the offline player storage)
* Fixed NamespacedKey warnings for PaperSpigot
v2.13.2 - CB 1.12.1 - Aug 31, 2017
RecipeManager.jar - 6 downloads
* `@ItemLore`: Allow empty lines without needing colors
* `@ItemLore`, `@ItemName`, `@Message`, `@Broadcast`, `@BookItem`, and more
    * Added exact string option using quotes
* `@Summon`: Fixed spread option
* Fixed messages set to false still sending a message
v2.13.1 - CB 1.12 - Jul 29, 2017
RecipeManager.jar - 15 downloads
* `@SpawnParticle`: Only trigger once per shift click
* `@LaunchFirework`: Switch to trigger once per shift click instead of preventing shift click
* `@ForPermission`: Fixed flags not working when they haven't been used yet.
* Fixed shapeless recipes not always matching existing recipes
v2.13.0 - CB 1.12 - Jul 17, 2017
RecipeManager.jar - 8 downloads
* Fixed fail chances not removing ingredients on `@IndividualResults` recipes
* Fixed null names in recipe books. Use first ingredientcondition lore line as an assumed fallback name
* Fixed chance recipes not showing results in MC 1.11
* `@Summon`: Updated and fixed setting items on entities
* `@Summon`: Added better backwards support for equipment
* `@Inventory`: Handle colored titles
* New Flag: `@ApplyEnchantment`
    * Copies enchantments from ingredients to the result
v2.12.0 - CB 1.12 - Jul 13, 2017
RecipeManager.jar - 5 downloads
* Removed Metrics
* Fixed custom potion error
* Fixed a crash when using /rmcreaterecipe with no ingredients
* Improvements to RecipeBooks
* New Flag: `@SpawnParticle`